How to get more feedback to improve your product?

Matthew Page
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Sometimes we're just addicted to the product we created, but forgot to consider how our targeting users think about it, that's why we're here, and hope to get some feedback for us to get improved. I posted the upcoming page of my product, AmzChart, it's a free Amazon analysis tool. Look for some advice to launch on Product Hunt, and hope to hear more from the community. Thanks.


Clément Jacquelin
Contact your users. Use, with their consent, their email addresses and ask them. Use forums, facebook groups, reddit, linkedin and all platforms where your customers can be to ask their opinion. And don't be too precise in your questions, ask for pain points, features... They will give you many ideas to improve your product :).
Matthew Page
@jacquelinclem Hi, thanks for your kind suggestion. We will launch it tomorrow. Your suggestions would be really helpful.
Pritam Chougale
You can run a quick Facebook Ad. Inviting people to review your product for free and the best review would get some prize.
Joost van Hoof
@matthewpage I've built a product just for this. I'm thinking to narrow down the scope even more and focus only on helping companies collect feedback in user dashboards just like you have. Feel free to try it (for free), happy to extend the free trial for you if need it. See