How to find trust worthy partner and investors for your project?

Nikesh Shakya
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Hello all, Recently I released an app on Appstore and hunted it here on Producthunt ( I am just an individual and I worked with a friend of mine to complete iOS within 4 months. Now that we are live on Appstore, we realized the need of android app to understand the need and growth in market. So we need to grow our team in order to reach our goal. Hence, we are need in partner and investors to reach market potential. Can anyone help me find good partners. If I can connect to a good partner: individual or company, I am even ready to sell ownership of this app.


Junior Owolabi
The parent company of this platform is AngelList, they have several 100 investors, ideally you should have created your app in React Native or Flutter, one code base that can be run on both Android and IOS
Nikesh Shakya
@rilwan_owolabi1 Thanks for the suggestion. But I still strongly believe, the native apps are still powerful compared to hybrid apps. That's the reason, I chose to go with native way.