How to find communities/influencers? Google seems not to help for my market

Zied Hamdi
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Hi, dear Makers :)! I have a "difficult to Google" audience for my product: Let me explain what I do so that I can put some context: I help people file requests/complaints towards businesses in a public manner (as review websites), with two major differences: 1. Anyone can join an existing request instead of creating his own, making that request more popular and visible 2. Businesses can propose solutions, and once people are satisfied, they can mark their request as "solved", thus allowing statistics about the business's customer care performance I found some interesting influencers like the following ones: - [Rich Rebuilds]( requests Tesla to sell spare parts of their cars so that people have the choice of repairing their cars at other mechanics than the official Tesla ones - [Vandana Shiva]( fights against seed copyrighting and OMG, she provides farmers with ancestral seeds that were forbidden by law in many countries (by lobbies) - [Juan Branco]( was protecting Julian Assange from the founder of Wikileaks and militated with the "yellow vests" movement in France (that protest against political abuses) But there are many other communities like the Linux ones that are victims of Microsoft's position abuses or people victims of factories polluting their rivers. My issue is that these types of communities cannot be Googled, I'm not a marketer, so my question can seem dumb for some people, I'm sorry for that. Does anyone have an idea how to find/contact alike communities or influencers? There's a screenshot of the product on notion:
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