How to drive more traffic to blog and podcast

Teekay Rezeau-Merah
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I'd love to drive more quality traffic to Clarity with Teekay podcast and but can't seem to find the right automation tool for it. Both are lifestyle materials, not work related. Would love your tips. So far I've tried FB Groups and Reddit (to some extent). Thank y'all !


Bertha Kgokong
Software Developer | Entrepreneur
Twitter, Youtube, Medium, LinkedIn, SEO -> Regular Content Basically everything, and consistently over time, a long time
Alexandra Kazakova
Community Manager at Cash Flow Portal
It took us a year to drive traffic to our blog It was consistent, daily work that included publishing new content regularly, sharing it on Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn, newsletters, engaging on socials with other people, SEO, podcast appearances...
Ira GI
Technology girl, software development
made in Peru
Look at how you use the web to visit web pages. If you are like most of us… - You type the name (or look for it in your bookmarks) - Your friend suggested it to you - You search and click on a result - You follow a link on a web page you are reading - You sometimes, ok, rarely, click on an ad Now reverse-engineer that and turn it into a marketing plan. =)
Teekay Rezeau-Merah
Digital Marketer & Social Media manager
@simplytedel you rock homie, thank you !