How to decide proper pricing?

Sanskar Tiwari
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Dimitris Karavias
I'd say avoid cheapest. If your key selling point is cheapest then you're on a race to the bottom with shrinking profit margins. Worse, you get stuck there because you don't have the cash to build a premium product and reposition yourself.
Xavier Coiffard
I voted for the last one. Start with a price you think is "ok", don't overthink it. Once you have some regular sales, try to double it and see what happens. If the sales don't drop, do it again, and again. Until sales drop by 30%. Pricing is super hard to find and that's also the easier leverage we have, so let's play with it. TL;DR: charge more!
Prateek Mathur
@angezanetti Love this! I've built a marketplace where I charged a slightly lower rate to my first customer and then added a little bit more to my second one and it seems to work.
Jaskiran Kaur
Based on competitors