How to connect with retail mom and pop shops?!

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Hi friends! I am a founder of a B2B2C enterprise software company that is geared towards helping retail mom & pop shops (small businesses) access new revenue streams. So far, it has been received super, super amazingly by our users and businesses; however, I am struggling to find a good way to connect with SMB owners. Does anyone have suggestions on groups, channels, or strategies on reaching out to SMB owners? Thanks in advance!


Damien Kopp
Hi Pete, I am the founder of Envolve Data and have a platform called StoreWise focused on independent retailers as well (we just launched in Producthunt a couple of weeks ago). I am based in Asia (Singapore) so it might a bit different; but here are the routes to markets I have been working on: - direct sale via digital marketing / engagement (Facebook page) and even door to door / face to face (super painful). - tech partners: the first piece of tech retailers have to use is a POS, POS vendors have a sales force on the ground and channels to sell directly; banks for payment terminals and security camera vendors. Issue is they will mostly care about selling their stuff (vs yours) - 3PL / distributors: they connect with SMBs everyday to manage orders and deliveries. Issue is they don't know how to sell tech. - brands/ Suppliers: they connect with SMBs when they sell directly to them. Strong incentives and relationships.. BUT unlikely can sell tech easily... sales enablement will be important. Happy to hear your thoughts as well. Cheers. Damien