How to come up with a good product idea?

Taseen Tanvir
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Mohammad Mohiuddin
You need to find a problem. if you are thinking along the lines of what makes life easier for people, what society is going to need in the future, and what you love doing most in life then there is a good chance you will come up with a great idea. If you want to become an entrepreneur and build a business that matters, then your first step is to find a problem that needs to be solved or an opportunity that should be seized. You don't need the next big idea you just need a small idea. Why? Because finding the problem to solve is the best way to guarantee yourself a chance at success. If you come up with a solution that doesn't have a market, then no matter how brilliant your idea is, it's going nowhere.
Carsten Pleiser
Find problems by doing consulting for many clients in your niche. You don't believe how many opportunities you'll find by doing that. Plus, you have some funds to build your product.