How to build a repeatable sales process for early stage startups?

Ross Rich
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Focused on hitting revenue goals for 2022 but don't know where to start? Looking for a playbook from folks who've done it before? Well I could share a few bullet points here w/ some πŸ”₯ emojis and pretend like that's helpful... or instead, invite fellow YC founders to an awesome masterclass we've been planning with 4 top sales leaders from VC backed startups who've seen $0 --> $10M multiple times to dig into the details / answer questions directly! We'll be talking about how to build repeatable, winning B2B sales & onboarding processes to make sure you're on track for a successful 2022 πŸ™Œ The experts: Josh Weisman (Head of Sales, Northstar): Led sales at top-tier VC-backed startups Scoop and Chariot Max Zuckerman (VP of Sales, Balance): Advises startups on GTM & built sales at top-tier startup, Alooma, from zero to acquisition Carol Malakasis (Managing Partner, Rampd): Works with early stage startups to take them from 0-$100k ARR Me 🀷(Stripe 4+ years building out sales & platform partnerships) If you'd like to join the the session this week:


Manoj Ranaweera
No point listening to Β£0 to Β£10m folks. My first target is to get to Β£0 to Β£10k MRR using some of our 3,088 Volunteers on Got any references, Ross?