How to build a Community after $1M in ARR

Samyak Tripathi
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Hit $1M in Revenue, Great! Building a Scalable Revenue Engine is what you want next, How to do it? By building a layer of GTM on top of your existing GTM motions that generate Max Revenue with Minimum efforts And it all starts by building a Community of your Highest Paying Customers/Potential Customers. To build this Community the first thing you need to figure out is your message to the market. The transformation you stand for, the movement people must join you for✊ The Core of any Well Constructed marketing campaign is good Positioning but it is not about copying and pasting what Notion did, what Canva did, what Hubspot did, It's about knowing your customer from the nerves and finding a quick hack to get into their minds. These are the 4 Areas of Positioning you need to Hit Home! ⭐The Character- The Protagonist of the Story, your Ideal Customer Profile. Practically for most Software businesses, there is no one customer you are targeting. Your ICP is not the only customer set you choose but it is the set that you devote most of your resources to acquiring. ⭐The Villain- Every good story has a villain. Define the villain of your customer's story in 1 to 2 sentences.  ❌Caution: Don't create villains based on your assumptions. Do Qualitative Research to find out what actually is the Primary Problem. ⭐The Guide- How do you want to Portray your Brand or Product as a character in the Customer's day-to-day life. ⭐The End- What is the Transformation you are bringing in the End User's and the Leader's Life. Certainly, this is not the end, but it's a Rock Solid Start... Ready...Are We! #marketing #b2b
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