How to boost employee engagement in a cost-effective way?

Qudsia Ali
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Recognizing that a disengaged workforce can negatively impact productivity and profitability, many businesses are attempting to reverse the trend by employing low-cost employee engagement strategies. After all, people are your most significant (and most expensive) resource when it comes to producing value and business success. What ideas do come to your mind?


Daniel Engels
This depends on the scale of your enterprise. Smaller enterprises might benefit from closer relations between the coworkings. Organizing events, parties, off-sites might be the best way to boost engagement for such companies. Larger organizations might need to develop more formal ways to get employee feedback and to ensure they are satisfied.
Qudsia Ali
@daniel_engels I agree with you that it is pretty easy for small organizations. And as small organizations have limited budgets, they need more low-cost options to retain their employees and keep them satisfied. Large organizations have more budgets, so it is not a significant concern for them.
Peter agar
It's critical for your company's values to stand for something. Employees, particularly millennials, want to work for organizations that prioritize more than just profit. You may build a valuable sense of connection with your employees and community by providing meaningful employment.
Benjamin Lucas
Your employees will truly appreciate it if you make an effort to accommodate their personal lives. If they feel valued by your organization, they may be more likely to add value to your organization and be more productive overall.
Qudsia Ali
@benjamin_lucas12 Yes, that is the case. Can you tell me how we can accommodate our employees in their personal lives?
Daniel Jacob
As always, people appreciate it when you express appreciation for a job well-done. Make sure you take notice of the times when your employees truly shine.
Qudsia Ali
@daniel_jacob1 Great suggestion, Thank you for sharing.
Alex gleen
Be flexible and understanding. Telecommuting, personal days and reduced work weeks allow your employees to balance work and personal obligations.
Qudsia Ali
@alex_gleen Yes, it does, but do you think it will help the companies retain them?
Alex gleen
@qudsia_ali If you are giving your employees some freedom, they are sure to be retained. Not every company is implementing this. Many people like to stay in their comfort zone.
Kovid Batra
You can try initiating chats on interesting or humorous topics on the official communication channels during the evening hours. Try sharing topics with memes. Do this on regular basis and maybe take help from the most humorous person on your team to initiate the topics. Let me know if you need some help.
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Monika Staponkute
My company is working remotely for 10 years already. Since the team is distributed all over the world, we meet only occasionally. To keep everyone engaged we do the following: - keep Slack active. We have various channels and many of them are not work related to discuss various fun matters - we pay a lot of attention to peer recognition. Kudos is something we do really often. - regular check ins with managers. We do it in written format to accommodate the different time zones We've written a blogpost about it if you are curious
Qudsia Ali
@monika_myzenteam Look into It is all-in-one tool to manage hybrid teams to enhance collaboration, celebration, and engagement. The best part is that it comes in a highly affordable range.