How soon do you start to reach out and gather early access users?

Jimmy Kwan
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Hi all makers, I am new in the field. If I am building a new product, I wonder how soon will you suggest me to start pull up the curtain a bit and reach out to potential early adopters to onboard them to be early accessor to my product? Should I do it from start even before I start building the product? Or should I do it when I am 90% done with the product development? Or some other way to decide the right time. Thanks for and greatly appreciate your input and sharing


Ruben Wolff
In my opinion, the earlier you can get in touch with potential users, the better. You can get their opinion about what you're building, and start early teasing the product. Nothing to lose! :)
David J. Kim
@rubenwolff This. Also hopefully you're solving a problem with your product. In that case, you talk to them to discover even more about the product.
Gleb Braverman
Hey Jimmy! At Gossip ( we created a landing page where we collected emails and posted on slacks, group chats, social media. This way we collected over 1500 emails from people who were genuinely excited about Gossip!
Jimmy Kwan
@gleb_braverman thanks for sharing. But how soon / late did you start to do that? Before you even start to design how the product should be? After it is 50% done? When the product is going through final internal testing? Or at some other time? Not sure how much we ought to reveal as teaser as well actually.
Gleb Braverman
@jimmy_kwan I would start collecting emails once you have some initial high level wireframes you can post to your landing page!