How social media copes with unemployment?

Andrew Philip
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Qudsia Ali
Obtaining new job opportunities online grows day by day, but the jobless rate is increasing rapidly, making social media an excellent resource for job seeking. Social networking sites and blogs have proved to be a great source of income.
Jennifer Laura
Many companies offer online job opportunities to people who are unable to work physically due to a pandemic or other circumstances.
Andrew Philip
@jennifer_123 Social media offer remote work facilities
Ash Carey
Social media alters communication patterns and social structures. New types of social relationships and individualized forms of information reception and production are facilitated by applications such as social networking sites.
Daniel Henry
Digital social networks have opened up new horizons for us, allowing us to become knowledge producers rather than just consumers of information, necessitating the acquisition of new skills. As a result, when one new person learns new skills, unemployment is eliminated.
Paul VanZandt
I think it can be helpful for certain opportunities, but it's hard to find opportunities outside the world of social media. I also think it's a little too informal to act as a quasi-job posting app. If you're interested, we just launched today and would love your support:
Khayyam Sajid
Social media provides a lot of employement opportunities. Because of social media a lot of tiktokers or youtubers etc are making money by staying at home.