How should I use a testimonial?

Prateek Mathur
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Hi! Just got my 1st testimonial from my first paying client! So stoked that he actually found my service valuable! My question is, how should I use this testimonial to get more clients? Any suggestions? 'I am a technical founder, so sales has historically been a black box to me. Yet, as a founder, I obviously need to sell! Prateek set me up with a mentor who, over the course of three sessions, helped orient me in the philosophies and techniques of selling, and helped me get my hands dirty in every aspect. Starting with listening to me describe my company and product, he then helped me identify the profile of my ideal customer, clearly delineate the problems I am solving, distinguish my company from the competition, structure my written and oral communications, conduct first and subsequent phone calls, set an outreach cadence, get to know the various sales SaaS to help me organize my efforts, and increase my LinkedIn engagement through blog posts. I appreciated having homework so I could be sure to feel my growth.'


Simple steps : Posting your clients experience over your social media platforms in creative ways, making it a part of your business presentation, also mentioning the experience in your talks, mails, writings anything that is being exchanged.