How much would you pay to demo your Startup to an Enterprise Company?

Yusuf Ali
3 replies
Demoing your startup to Enterprise can be very challenging. How much would you pay to get your startup in the doors of Enterprise?


Maxwell Davis
Nothing - I work in an Enterprise company and as a Startup you'll be put through so much pain to get on their systems and it'll take so long that it would be a bad deal to pay.
To be honest, none. I think user testing from end users that have an organic interest in the product is much more valuable, and offering things can subconsciously sway how those users may approach use etc. If it was necessary to have enterprise eyeballs on it early, I would network my way into someone in that role and have them do it as a favor (perhaps in exchange for full access at launch)
Himanshi Shyam
Zero. Yes, you have to pay zero charges for the demo. You can get unlimited free demo sessions only on Visit-