How much programming do the PH users know?

Oliver Wolf
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I would be curious how many ProductHunt users know how to code? Are there any insights on this?


Jan Kovařík
I consider myself to be a designer only, but on the start of my carrer I was writing code. Mostly only HTML / CSS and later on even some PHP, but PHP always only on very basic level, mostly just tweaking some Wordpress plugins and templates - to be honest, most of these attempts to programming was just a trial and error method ;)
Kyle Frost
I started as a UX designer, but after spending time at a few small startups, I gradually taught myself to code just to help things move faster. Pretty competent in html/css, Rails, some JS, and spent a fair amount of time pushing production code at one job. These days I'm not coding quite as much, mostly focused on design day-to-day and no-code solutions for side projects.