how much do you trust your social media networks?

Nicole Ogloza
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whether it's security or other intervention, just wanted to know how people feel about social media from a technical standpoint and security involved.


Nikhil Bapna
Big big problem.. the amount of spying done by them on our lives is insane.. all to control us to act as they wish... so one has to be careful.
Dylan Merideth
not at all, but they are a necessary evil for getting eyes and attention
Solomon Bush
So, from a technical standpoint, I would say that the large social profiling companies, Google, FB, Twitter, etc. Are probably the saftest places that exist for consumer data. I understand that there have been security breaches in the past. But none to the scale of Equifax, and that is a gov subsidized company that manages our most private financial information. The way a buddy of mine that worked at Google explained it, is that customer information is everything to them, after all it is what they sell. Or perhaps what they trade access to. So they have the best security teams in the world ensuring that their top assets, our data, is secured. This doesn't make me comfortable in the least bit. Especially with all the political and social engineering that they have done, and which has come to mainstream light in the past several years. So I unavoidably trust them with my data, but not with politics, news, or education.
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Not really. But it's time to put trust back into social networks. And it starts by playing an active, engaged role in these networks instead of blindly and blindly trusting everything you read online.
Pablo Fatas
I don’t trust any free products. If it is free I am the product so I know that my interest and the companies are not aligned
Nicole Ogloza
@pablo_fatas what would it take for you to trust a free product? For startups, having a free social media, is the quickest way to get usersf rom the get-go, so just urious if you have ways around that? We will be making revenue drivers not from data or personal data, nor will we use that for ads, since we have figured out other rev drivers that will make more than that. Let me know if you have any thoughts on what it would take for you to trust something like that
Adnyesh Dalpati
Large social media apps will protect the data as much as they can reason it is gold mine for them and they wont like it is getting easily in hands of few. So overall, I would say big social media companies will do their utmost best to protect the data from getting leaked. Since that is something on which they will be making money. So rest assured your data is in safe hands, however the data will be used for their benefit else the platform won't be free.
Ini Akin
I don’t totally because things don’t seem to be what it is on the internet.
Paul VanZandt
Not at all. I think it's important to remember that companies like Facebook aren't just an app on your phone - they're multi-billion dollar companies. They really don't have your best interest in mind. If the product is free, you are the product.
Ajadi Lateefah
I find it quite hard to trust social media networks, though it has its good side too, but the bad sides of it is dominant as well. One has to be smart and vigilant whole using social media
Oladeji Muhammed
I barely trust them, meta especially. The data can be sold at huge profit and why are they even in business/surviving if not for profit?
olatunji opeyemi
Not at all, some people perpetrates evil through them.
Olorunjuedalo Olaosebikan
Well, I hardly trust them. I do not find any of them 100% trustworthy and reliable.
Omofiwabi Akanmu
First of all, most of the social media platforms are free and to make money they use adds system by using your perosnal information and interests. I don't trust them that much.
Adedoyin Tinuoye
Not at all, lot of crazy things going on out there
Olawale Sunkanmi
I don't totally trust social media networks because most of the times, things don't seem as they appear on social media.
Karimah Kanzudeen
Not really because most of the viral statements tend to be based on opinion and have very little basis in facts
Agu Chidera
Social media is no exception to the rest of the Internet when it comes to scams and malware. Scammers and criminals try to exploit the feeling of familiarity and safety related to social media in many different ways
Most people’s smartphones already automatically track and collect location data. Social media apps are especially interested in their data because it gives insight into your habits and whereabouts which advertisers can use to target ads to you at certain times of the day. And with the insecurity level,it can be easily manipulated
Queen Agu
Social media is one of the biggest platform used by scammers to deceive their victims