How many resolutions did you achieve in 2020? And what are all the things you are thankful for?

Nilova Pande
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I am lucky to have been offered a chance to work as a Co-founder with Such opportunities don't knock on your door every now and then.


Mohamed Salad
Because I have been WFH since Feb -Got Knee surgery and rehabilitated at home -Got more rest because as a night hawk i don't have to drive into the office -More time to work on my startup, which since October have made $1000 in revenue
Charlie Flint
Be with my family more often. But I did not plan that I would spend most of the year with them.
Khalid Belghiti
I stopped making new year's resolutions as I realised they didn't work (for me at least). Instead, I'm setting goals regularly and track them. Some of my goals at the beginning of the years were to grow my consultancy business, travel more often (I was already travelling a lot) and more responsibly (take the train each time I can), and visit my family more often. Well, thanks to the pandemic I failed at all of them :D My consultancy business is doing ok but not skyrocketing as expected, I stopped travelling and it's been more than a year I didn't see my family. So had to pivot my goals and focus to: Launch a new venture, practice more sport, read more... and I'm doing quite OK so far.
Quit my amazing job [my comfort zone] Packed my life in 2 suitcases & moved across oceans Let go off a lot of conditioning Cut off toxic people And super grateful for all of these and every little thing :D What I am yet to achieve in my 2020 resolution is finding a job in my new country. I understand it is difficult amidst the pandemic but I am sure I will get one soon.
Nevo David
I had 3 failing startups. And finally, I have started a new one 2 months ago that already generating revenue. I'm hyped! Check out
advait vaidya
@nevo_david looks good. Have you built it with any no-code tool? 😃
Nevo David
@nevo_david @advait_vaidya No :) But I use many no-code tools such as Pendo, Hubspot Chat, Cloudflare, MixPanel etc... :)
advait vaidya
@nevo_david @advait_vaidya My journey: I went from a non programmer to launching a SAAS product in 3 months. I have jotted down the story here..
I don't believe in yearly resolutions, but I like to set goals on daily basis, and plan for weeks, and months ahead. I managed to achieve most of my goals this year - some of them turned out to not be possible to achieve for me at the scheduled time - some health issues. I'm grateful for the programming skills I acquired over the years, the inspiring, proactive people I meet in the community, and the money buffer I managed to build with let me spend the last two years testing different business ventures.
Esaú Morais
Developing the entire year with just a 2GB RAM laptop. Although it was something that made me REALLY stressed sometimes, I'm thankful, cause I didn't stop and now I just (pre) released and completed one of my goals: Edite (
thank you all for the amazing discussion, looks like i am not the only one leaving behind 'resolutions' .. However i must say that spending time with my 4 and 6 month old this entire year has been blissful together with my hubby. Venturing into a start-up when i thought i had no belly to stomach the challenges of a start-up life has been quite revealing in itself. Above all i am thankful to have survived this year as i know a lot of people have lost their loved ones..
Pritam Chougale
I have done this without making any resolutions - Completed a machine learning basic course as an hobby, -Started a blog, -completed reading 3 books, -lost a job due to covid19 :( - worked in my farms harvested wheat, soybeans, sunflower and veggies, -Secured another job within 2 months with hike, -waived off half of my education loan with the savings , - invested in mutual funds, invested in gold and last but not least got married :) 2020 was like an accelerator :D
Hannah S Kim
My resolution for 2020 was to find a job and a community of people I enjoy. Thankfully, I got both! Other things I am thankful for: 1. My family and friends 2. Living with other people to keep me company during quarantine 3. A WFH job 4. A chance to be more introspective and relax (and having it be socially acceptable to stay in bed for days) 5. Zoom. Oh where would we all be without zoom. 6. Getting in to reading more.
Nels one
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