How many people are working on your project?

Alina Ihnatiuk
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Please share how many people are in your team (targetologists, copywriters, designers, marketers ...)


Just two of us. I'm looking after the business side of things and my partner is looking after the development side of things. I've found on our journey that we're very under skilled and need a lot of help so I'm really surprised how many people go it alone. For example for our MVP and launch we've had to hire a designer and front-end developer to give us a product that's as good as the competition. We've also had to skimp - we decided not to go ahead with a copywriter, which was a really tough choice but we just wanted to get something out. If we had some cash we'd so hire a social media manager, a launch manager, and probably an assistant as a minimum!
Alina Ihnatiuk
@maxwellcdavis Thanks for sharing! Working on a project on your own is really not an easy task. + there is a great chance that you will miss important moments on your own. I wish you to assemble an excellent team and achieve heights in business!
Derek Duban
1 - just me and I'm running out of steam. Today I went to y-combinator and submitted a form to search for a co-founder.
Derek Duban
@shivam010 thanks, I decided because of the Christmas season to delay any decisions until January. Plus I'll have the new stuff online by then.
Antonio Fernández Porrúa
I am the only one working full-time. I have some friends helping me with QA, design, brainstorming, etc. But they are not part of the team yet. I want to be sure before bringing somebody into the team. I had bad experiences back in time.