How many of you have invested in their self-development and done inner work?

Hugo Hamel
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Before realizing on what I should focus on and what my purpose was, I was in the agency world, and close from the infoproduct world. I came to realize that there's a lot of programs that exist for this audience (agencies and coaches with a course). Most of these programs are steps by steps on how to do X (often sales related) or on how to improve their mindset to scale their business. When I switched to focusing more on my craft of being an "optimizer" (problem solver) by focusing on being more a maker, I noticed that there's not much of these type of programs. I am still new to this new "indie" and "maker" world, so maybe I simply have not been exposed to it enough, but I am curious, how many of you have been doing some inner work? And what have been your experience so far as a creator regarding your personal growth?


Pablo Fatas
I’ve always been big on self development. The issue I struggle with is I can only keep it up in burst. I’ll go a month or two reading everyday, eating healthy, working out and picking up an interesting skill. But then when life gets hard i drop it all. Maintaining these routines is the most difficult thing to do. Now at SigmaOS we have put a policy in place so that all employees get £200 a month to spend on personaly development which ranges from gym, meditation, online courses… We are very lenient with it. You would be surprise how little people use it though.
Hugo Hamel
@pablo_fatas That's a good point: consistency. Have you tried implementing each of them, one at a time until it's a habit, before adding a new one? Great initiative to have a budget for personal development, great idea!
Tanya Sharma
Hey Hugo, we've been researching and user testing on this problem for Indie makers and solopreneurs for over a year now. The answer to how people manage their development is a spectrum from "I don't have the time for it" to "I've tested every possible solution and built my system that I struggle to follow. We're now building Wonderpath ( to solve this problem. If this is worth a chat, I'd love to show the product (we're in private beta) and get your feedback. Let me know, my twitter dms are open :) (
Hugo Hamel
@tanyasharma Awesome, congrats on taking the time to do the research :) I'd be happy to help you out, you can message me (I couldn't send you a Twitter DM for some reason)
Ken Savage
Not HUGE on self development but I have been doing yoga and meditation classes and find I get less stressed later in the work days.
Hugo Hamel
@kensavage That's a great place to start, be proud of what you're doing! But I'm curious, what is preventing you to do more self-development? Or what is the reason that you don't feel like you're huge on it?
Hugo Hamel
@kensavage That's a good one, but that would make me as you (if you don't mind me asking), what's stopping you from prioritizing it in your schedule/calendar?
Nabeel Amir
I have been trying to do some self-development for the past year. I usually set some very small goals for personal growth and try to achieve them during a specified period. By the end of 2021, I could complete a lot of the goals that I made for 2021.