How many maximum hours can you actually be productive in a day? 🧑🏻‍💻

Kaushal Gajjar
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Hi Makers & Hunters, I am a guy who loves to work almost 14 hours a day with the same energy and productivity throughout the day. What about you? 👇


Prateek Majumder
Personally, I can stay 4-5 hours fully focused, i think.
Kaushal Gajjar
@prateek_majumder Are you a dev or business guy? 🤔
Audrey Rampon
14 hours!!! That's a lot! How do you do that? What's your routine like? In my case, I'd say 4 hours a day with the same energy.
Kaushal Gajjar
@audrey_rampon Ha Ha. I just need 2 hours in morning to start my work. Once I am in office, I become nonstop machine. Completing the tasks assigned to me. I start with, - Emails and Chat Answers - Scheduled Calls - Team Meetings - Customer Feedback/Discussion - Project Planning - ProductHunt/Quora/FB Groups
Lets say 8hours, but not at a stretch though
Maxim Frostman
I used to think 6 or 7. Now, since I am using time tracker, I see it's no more than 4-5 hours of actual productive work. Had to change some of the habits but still, even with the tracker on, I would say I have started working for about 1 more productive hour an average without wasting much time on FB and news browsing :)
Kaushal Gajjar
@maxim_frostman You are right, social apps are killing the productivity and wasting a lot of time. We as an agency, we are super active on Social Media and it helping us a lot. So if it is good for your business than definitely social media is also a part of your daily work.
Shubhi Goel
not more than 4-5 hours. any more, then one's just working, not really creating something or using their full mental faculties
Kaushal Gajjar
@shubhi_goel Then what you say for the guy who is planning to take us to the Red Planet. He is working almost 16 hours a day. 🚀
Karif Ghannam
Different everyday for me.
In China, I work from 9 in the morning to 10 in the evening, every day! Was forced by the company
Teodora Tatu
Somewhere between 5-7 h 😌
Kaushal Gajjar
@teodora_tatu That's not enough. Isn't it? 🤔