How many days can you survive without your phone?

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I did a 10-day Vipassana several years ago, so I'd say 10 days at least. My main issue is that I get worried about my family if I don't have news from them for days, but I also know that I'm (just like anyone else) capable of adapting. So if I have a reason, I can survive for as long as its needed.
Siddhesh Lokare
I think I can spend days and days without my phone. My whole work ecosystem has shifted to my desktop and that's all I need to sustain and function on daily basis. So yeah, no worries!
Natalie Karakina
I'm trying to have digital detox on weekends, so – 2
Cica-Laure Mbappé
If I am off work, I can easily leave it for a week. How about you?
@cica_laure_mbappe lovely! I think I can go without it for upto 5 days.
Jaskiran Kaur
I think the gen Z cannot survive without phone for long time. As we have become dependable on it. Everything is available on phone and it helps to do many task very conveniently.
Anonym SB
Not a single Day May be!
Robert Brandon
0. My income comes entirely from it and I work everyday :( I hope that in the future this situation changes
Vijaya Jeyakumar
From my experience today, < 1.5 hours 🤣
Manish Rawat
5 to 6 hours, day is too long
Althaf KR
Not more than 10 mins to be honest😂
Lilian Max
I have spent an entire weekend without my phone. It wasn't easy at first, but with time I got used to it.
Madi Aslan
I like the way you put it – "survive"😅 seems more to me like a bad habit that we all better get rid of
Jing Hu
@madina_aslanbekova I think it is... people focus too much on their phone and forgetting what's happening around them. 😄
Jing Hu
0.1 day maybe LOL can't stop using my phone especially we're trying to boost our online present. I can however, live w/o my phone for weeks when I wasn't running this startup. Well... as long as my husband is with me :p
Victor Oleynik
1 day max, but I live abroad, so I need to always stay in touch in case my family wants to reach out.
Since I started muting my phone while I'm working, I realized I could live without it for hours without even remembering it exists. Next step, I want to try to get rid of it for the entire weekend. Let's see if this works.
Topendra Katel
Not more than 10 minutes :D
Egor Mishin
I'd like to try being off the phone for a week, but it's not realistic, I'm probably doing something on it every minute