How long is too long on social media?

Rai Ahmad Faraz
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Usama Ahmad
Medical professionals have suggested that limiting social media use to 45 minutes max per day can improve your emotional wellbeing.
Rai Ahmad Faraz
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M Abu Baker Habib
Research indicates that spending time on social media can be harmful. For example, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal asserted that limiting the amount of time spent on social media could be beneficial to one's mental health.
Rai Ahmad Faraz
@m_abu_baker_habib The writer expresses an interesting point of view.
Choudhary Majid Hussain
It is a tricky question, because it depends on what you are doing in life. Limiting your time on social media is surely not harmful. But you should know when to stop using it; virtual world is not the real world.
Rooh Allah khan
There is no doubt that regular usage and spending too much timeon social media can have negative side effects.
Janak Patel
The minute you feel you've begun to get addicted and keep coming back to social media in your free time.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
For people like me- Social media is work, profession, identity, socializing, entertainment, a platform to express my feelings, and everything- I think the concept of "too long" is non-existent :)
Urszula Ostrowska
I think it depends on the content you are following on SM. Last year, I removed almost all influencers and profiles from my followers that don't have much value in the long run. I try to follow the content that really interests me at the moment and recommend doing this kind of update every now and then! 👌
Alexander Lewis
I'm wrestling with this question as well. I just concluded a one-year break from social media. Now I've returned to LinkedIn and am still deciding if I'd like to return to other channels. I'm trying to make my time on social media intentional. For me, it's not so much a question of how much time I spend on social, but rather why I'm on the platform. If I am publishing content or messaging a potential client, then that's time well spent. If I'm scrolling to procrastinate or be distracted, then I'd rather spend that time in a book or going for a walk.
Sebastian Crooks
Hi, social media is great invention in the field of technology. You can also try with it.
Elena Cirera
I think one hour is more than enough.
Nathan Luke
Anything more than 45 minutes.