How long do you spend on a social media platform to figure it?

Sebastian Britz
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Aside from Algorithms, every platform has its particular culture. How much time do you normally invest to get a hang of it?


Sofya Narbut
It depends on what social media I'm using. I go on Twitter once in a couple of days because it is exhausting, I have two things daily: 5 min insta-stories look through and a dopamine-induced unknown amount of time spent on Tiktok... LinkedIn: I would love to say never, but I still go on there like once a month.
Sebastian Britz
@sofya_narbut Thank you for sharing! But, do you deep dive into the platform, when you are in search for engagement from audience ?
Sofya Narbut
@britz_sebastian if I need engagement, yes. Part of why twitter is exhausting is that most of the time I spend there I'm not just enjoying it but thinking what do I want to engage with, why one tweet from this person works and the other isn't, etc.
Ha Anh Luu
When I started with BLOOCK, I have 0 knowledge of tech culture, not to mention blockchain. I needed to spend at least 15mins every day on the 2 main platforms of LinkedIn and Twitter, not to mention trying to follow all the tech talk (being someone without any tech background - this was the hardest) I think only after a month, I started to understand how to interact, what kind of language to use and, built somewhat an ecosystem around me to keep up with everything
Sebastian Britz
@ha_anh_luu I believe so to, only after a 2-3 weeks or so you truly understand the culture of the platform and leveraging it is a whole other game
Ira GI
Social media is an unstable environment. Therefore, I use them daily, on average 3 hours
Iris Park
It depends on what kind of platform it is. Most of the time, I joined when I wasn't that interested. So I didn't know lots of functions for even months. Then, something would trigger me, and I'd try to get at least the main functions and culture in 1 or 2 days.