How is the accessibility documentation/spec process currently handled at your company?

Aaron O'Leary
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Hey all 👋 Aaron from Stark here wondering how does your team handle your accessibility related documentation and spec process? Do you use any specific tools and processes to manage this?


Ashley Sullivan (she/her)
Front End Dev & Accessibility Advocate
I've been leading my team on the accessibility front. Currently we have a shared folder on our companies google drive and I add Google Docs to it as I create documentation and processes for our teams. I know it's not the best solution, but that's where we're at right now.
Aaron O'Leary
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@ashley_sullivan It's better then nothing which is what a lot of companies still have! Do you have an ideal set up in mind, out of curiosity? 🤔
Ashley Sullivan (she/her)
Front End Dev & Accessibility Advocate
@aaronoleary I’m not sure really. We’re changing a lot of things in our stack right now, and we have a lot of new things that we’re trying to establish.
Cat Hicks
Product Designer
We use your Figma plugin and it's been amazing to have that level of visibility for everyone in our org - especially people who are not familiar with accessibility. Its been a huge educational tool for our team and I'm so happy it doesn't all have to continually fall on me to document and explain everything 100 times in our process. Our devs also use Axetools and are really happy with them as well
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The core steps needed for accessibility are the same regardless of whether your document is in HTML, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or another document format. Office Football Pool
Alain Marsily
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Hello Aaron, Great point. It's something Quidzi will solve very soon (closed beta available before end Q1). Stay in touch. Happy to share our views on that matter.
Pradeepa Somasundaram
Growth strategist
We use Document360, a centralized Knowledge base for storing and sharing information. The process of handling accessibility documentation and specification may vary from company to company, but here are some common steps that we follow in our company. Establish Accessibility Guidelines: The company establishes accessibility guidelines and standards that outline the accessibility requirements and expectations for its product. Conduct Accessibility Audits: The company conducts regular accessibility audits to identify any accessibility barriers in the product and prioritize the issues based on their impact and severity. Develop Accessibility Roadmap: Based on the audit results, the company develops an accessibility roadmap that outlines the tasks, timelines, and responsible parties for addressing the identified accessibility issues. Document Accessibility Features: The company documents the accessibility features of its product in a technical specification that describes how the features work and how they meet the accessibility guidelines. Conduct User Testing: The company also conducts user testing with people with disabilities to ensure that their product is usable and accessible to everyone. Provide Training: The company provides training to their development team and other relevant stakeholders on accessibility best practices and how to implement them in their product. Maintain Accessibility Documentation: The company may maintain its accessibility documentation and specification to ensure that it remains up-to-date with any changes to the product or accessibility guidelines. The goal of this process is to ensure that the product is accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their abilities.