How integrated are your companies with the cloud?

Eugene Tsalwa
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I believe we have heard about the cloud, but how many tech startups/companies or individuals use it? And if not what keeps you from using it?


Dow Osage, MBA
I will take the bold position that everyone on Product Hunt uses the cloud, both personally and professionally.
Daniel Engels
entirely cloud-based for TwicPics.
David Mungai
I personally believe the word 'cloud' is too wide of a scope given Saas applications qualify as part of it.
Paul VanZandt
Pretty much all of our tools are cloud supported or hosted because we work fully remote.
Sean Song
Use best tools for team, not to use Cloud for the team. It is a mindset difference.
Nabeel Amir
Our company was among the first in our industry to integrate the cloud.
Elie Arment
We integrate the best tool to make our work easier, save time and make our workers work efficiently. I will give you one example. We recently changed the locker and now our workers do not need a key with them; they can easily use their mobile device because this technology, , gives you this chance. Moreover, we can see how much storage space is used and remove lockers from your workplace if they are not used. These can be seen just in our cloud-based locker management system.
I am interested in Cloud technology. And not because I am product owner of Cloud Storage Jaybod -, but this technology is helpful The released statistics (,,) about personal Cloud Storage in worldwide from 2014 to 2021: 1.8 billion people using personal Cloud Storage. About 300 million people of all, using Cloud Storage with Collaboration tool (different apps) we facilitate it, with our Platform - Jaybod