How important is "try without an account" for a SaaS service?

Victor Jimenez
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Hi I am working on improving the "try without an account" functionality for my projects; I was curious about your experience. The most recurrent feedback/comment that I had from possible users is that it would be nice to try the service without an account, so I am focusing on this. Do you consider this a nice to have or a key functionality? How much priority do you give to this? Did you see a significant change when you implemented this? Thank you, let me know your thoughts


I prefer the idea of a public facing demo version that's not connected to the database. Like a sandbox dummy version that anyone can play with to get a feel for what the app is. But this method might not work for every type of SaaS product.
Victor Jimenez
@nidal_ghonaim I agree, I am working on some try without and account functionality and my #1 design priority is never with the server side
Interesting idea. If you are successful with it, let me know