How have you "branded" your early stage tool, product, or company?

Yemisi Olorunwunmi
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Hi All - Let's talk Startup Branding! These days, if a company doesn't create a recognizable social brand and/or external community, they may lose business to their competitors. I have a unique opportunity to lead the rebrand for a revenue generating startup. The startup is building a tool for community management and I'm curious about what I should consider when re-branding an existing venture. Current considerations: the logo, social media pages, the company tone, the organization's mission and values. I want to hear it all. Leave no detail spared. Thanks in advance!


Alexander Moen
I've rebranded companies in the past and highly recommend against the typical rebranding processes people pursue. Many CMOs like to come in and shake things up by changing a brand name and logo and the recognizability of it all. What most people don't realize is just how much positive memorability has built up over time and how difficult and expensive it is to start something new from the ground up that isn't instantly and subsconsciously recognizable. I believe CMOs and consultants mostly do it because it sounds sexy and like a major project they can put on their resume. But, if we're business people talking about what really matters (ROI), based on my personal experience and studies I've read, the ROI has a very high likelihood of not working out in something like 90% of the cases. So, with that being said, what could/should you "re-brand"? I think the tone and media it goes across (writing, video, audio, social media platforms, etc) makes the most sense to toy around with. Chances are if you're doing a rebrand for the right reasons, it's because the company and its offerings don't resonate with customers enough. So, keep the visual aspects the same so that you keep the familiarity points that have accrued over time, but speak to the people differently so that they better understand the value proposition of your company/products/services.