How have you adapted onboarding new employees during the pandemic?

Jason Woods
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Mindful of starting new employees (or starting at a new company) during continued remote work and lockdowns. How do you immerse an employee in the goal, new projects, and company culture? How do you prevent them from becoming silo'd in one department without considering the interlocking pieces?


Ajay Ravichandran
Hey Jason/@j2tiger Digital Adoption Platforms might help. What are digital adoption platforms? A digital adoption platform (DAP) is software that completely integrates with a host application to assist the user in learning the application. The digital adoption platform guides the user through every aspect of the application with walk-throughs, videos, self-help menus, and more. A couple of Digital Adoption Platforms are below: Whatfix: Works in tandem with your application to provide contextualized walkthroughs and self-help materials relevant to the user's role and location within the application. Pendo: Provides onboarding walkthroughs and the ability to collect feedback in-app, and is primarily intended for product managers to help them in understanding product usage. Although no coding is required, installation does necessitate some technical knowledge. Appcues: Native-looking integration provides users with a consistent experience regardless of where they are in your application, but guidance is primarily limited to onboarding rather than ongoing training and adoption. Userlane: Allows you to send direct messages to users, allowing you to provide support and collect feedback in-app. Nickelled: Provides guided product tours to customers to walk them through various parts of your software. In my opinion, Whatfix is one of the top DAP choices, here's why- Higher Ratings: Whatfix consistently receives higher ratings & reviews on platforms like Capterra and G2, in categories ranging from customer support to ease of use to features and functionality. Easy Installation: While other DAP installation requires some technical knowledge, starting with Whatfix is as simple as adding a browser extension. Automated Content Creation: When you create walk-throughs, Whatfix automatically generates the information in multiple content formats, including slideshows and videos. SCORM Compliance: Whatfix’s SCORM-compliant packages enable you to easily upload walk-throughs to your learning management system (LMS) to create interactive courses. Contextualized Guidance: Whatfix offers relevant walk-throughs and self-help articles, depending on the person’s role and their location within the application.