How has the coronavirus affected you?

Umer Aqeel
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Rehan Mansoor
I was somewhat nonchalant about the use of masks, gloves, and other protective gear at first. However, after my boyfriend’s uncle died from COVID-19, I became much more vigilant about protecting myself and others.
Sallahuddin Khan
Yes, I am affected by the panedemic; I had to move my work, which is difficult for me because of the distance and costs involved.
Farhan Shakoor
I’m currently employed and enjoy telecommuting as a way to minimize my carbon footprint.
Andrew C.
well in a way it has helped me grow and learn new things and crafts. speaking for my business has shown me that things can run differently and in way more pocket-friendly manners.
Shreya R Nambiar
Hi, The COVID pandemic has made me better at balancing work and life. Working from home allows me to spend more time with my two-year-old child, which I am grateful for. I am far from perfect and I struggle at times, but I am getting better at it.
Valtteri Ylimäki
I value my health much more, and nowadays I would never go to a restaurant when "a little bit sick", for example. I also found the joy of spending time in nature at a time when lockdowns were on.
Nikita Kukreja
I did not leave my house for the first many months as I was scared for my mum, who has low immunity due to other health problems. I got anxious and depressed in the beginning, but managed to get out of it by learning new things and reminding myself how lucky I was to be safe and with my family!
The pandemic has made us completely change projects, previously in a company managing applications for major event shows, we had to start again at 0 and change course: now we sell video conferencing.
Roman Vorozhtsov
Me and my projects have become stronger!
Angi Bowman
Financially - My husband worked sales in the occupational med industry, and his company didn't respond to it well. Changes were made that severely limited our income, such as slashed commissions, mandatory PTO, salary reductions, etc. He thankfully found a new job at the end of the 2020 at least, though that company had its own host of problems coordinating in a post-COVID world. Mentally - COVID in and of itself doesn't stress me out. We take precautions to stay safe and always have. We were using hand sanitizer well before it was cool. ;-) However, the anger people have toward each other though has worn me down. It's gone from masking to vaccines to daily life. Everyone is in this increased state of absolute anger, and it's hard to navigate. My family has been utilizing boundaries a lot more as a result. Career - While my husband's career took a hit, my professional growth took off. That growth was due to Lucky Orange's response to COVID. New projects focused on helping our users really took off, and my career path went with it.
@lucky__angi "However, the anger people have toward each other though has worn me down. It's gone from masking to vaccines to daily life." Agree. Glad that you're generally doing fine.
Meng Wee Tan
I exercise a lot more - run, swim
Aino Valtonen
At first I was super concerned and afraid to do pretty much anything, but as the situation progressed and especially after getting the vaccine, it hasn't affected me that much mentally. I had to do remote work and studying, and I haven't been visiting my family as much. I have mostly been concerned about what if I accidentally infect my parents or grandparents. Last Christmas I had to stay home instead of seeing my family because I was afraid me and my boyfriend might be infected :( One of our relatives sadly passed away from Covid.
There is no negative impact on my finances or life organization. Rather, it has strengthened attentiveness to the things that matter most.
Simeon Ivanov
Hi, good question. The lockdown in my city lasted about 3 months. Not much different to everyone else it was torture. I didn't get buff, I didn't get fat. I didn't pick up a hobby or an addiction. It was just unpleasant. After the lockdown ended, most of life in the city and the country didn't change much. This was the point where I actually started traveling for work...a lot. Coincidentally this was then the actual pandemic in the region started showing its effects. Overall for me if I have to make a reconciliation, the virus itself didn't affect me directly because I never got infected based on the dozens of tests made at least. The pandemic: - Three months of torture at home + Promoted with nearly tripled income + House on the way + New software project funded and live + Significantly improved fly fishing skills I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing but lots of traveled kilometers. More than the previous two years combined. Everything I said above is with the complete understanding of the number of people who gave a lot and lost a lot over the past two years. As most other people I'd prefer all of this didn't happen.
Saqib Ali
Made me realize that remote work is way more practical than I used to think.
Fortunately, the pandemic did not affect our business very much.
Noa Segol
As a SaaS solution, on the business side of things we were not hurt, on the contrary. Covid has helped many organizations from the more traditional side of things understand the importance of any-where any-time access, without the need to use heavy VPNs. On the other hand, remote work has been challenging, especially for new employees that were hired during the pandemic, and only now get to see that their co-workers not just via Zoom. I think that the "new normal" that we are at now, that is based on hybrid work is the golden path that will last.
It was emotionally difficult as my relatives live in different countries. What is more, my friends were far away from me. I have also not become involved in regular university life as I couldn't spend time with my groupmates.
I recently contracted COVID. Although it's been a month since I officially recovered, fatigue still persists. This is something I didn't think about at all previously. I end up getting tired very easily. Thanks for asking :)
Inna Proshkina
I've started appreciating offline meetings with friends and other small things that before the pandemic most people took for granted.