How does your company think about data ethics? who have you seen do really well in this space?

Vivek Katial
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There are lots of new data companies right now, and even more, people becoming skilled in data science. How does your company think about data ethics, and what are some examples of companies that are trailblazers in this space? How do you incorporate data ethics into the day to day of building data/machine learning products at your work?


Jenny Sahng
Such an important question, thanks for asking! Keen to hear others' thoughts :)
Nabeel Amir
My company has added data ethical review questions to their product development cycle processes, and we use them whenever we develop a product or service or expand one.
Vivek Katial
@nabeel_amir That’s really exciting and it’s awesome that you’ve got that in place. If you’re ever up for sharing that publicly it would be a great piece of content that I think me and many others would be interested in reading! We’ve similarly done things in our product development process as well.
The ethical use of data goes deeper than simple regulatory compliance. Enterprises are waking up to a new reality in which consumers -- and even their own employees -- want them to put a brake on how much data they vacuum up and what they do with it. MyLabCorp Login
Youthteam connect
That's great to hear! Incorporating data ethics review questions into the product development cycle is a proactive and responsible step towards ensuring the ethical and responsible use of data. By including these questions as a standard part of your development process, you can help to ensure that potential ethical issues are identified and addressed early on, and that the products and services your company develops meet high standards for privacy, security, and fairness. MyLabCorp Login