How does your business prioritize climate efficiency?

Paul VanZandt
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Creating a climate-efficient business will be a necessity in the coming years, and many businesses are already prepping for these changes. How do you/your company currently work to create a climate-neutral environment?


Qudsia Ali
Not entirely, but we are taking baby steps towards it. We have entirely removed the paper from our work, and we are also working on reducing the use of plastic products to be more climate-efficient.
Daniel Engels
well, our service both optimizes the UX and reduces websites' CO2 emissions as a consequence of reduced bandwidth usage. The vast majority of our clients choose us to improve user engagement and drive up their sales. We've never been able to sell just on the CO2-reduction argument, but some big enterprise clients do consider it as a "nice-to-have".
Paul VanZandt
@daniel_engels I think emphasizing that your company helps reduce carbon emissions based on bandwidth is a smart thing to emphasize, even if it isn't a selling point by itself. Fantastic stuff.
Dylan Merideth
love this question, we are paperless, and since we are an ideation management product, we created content and features to support entrepreneurs as they innovate a greener future, which is also in line with ESG investing standards.
Paul VanZandt
@dylan_merideth Going paperless is huge and I think it's something that more companies will start doing thanks to remote work environments. Send me an email here - I'd like to learn a bit more about your idea management software.
Dylan Merideth
I would love to explore more radical changes once we have some semblance of business sustainability. In other words, to make a business carbon/climate neutral, gotta have a business in the first place. I feel like we could start looking at more climate friendly hosting providers, as the server farm is where our product lives for the time being, where the rubber meets the road sorta thing.