How does an Engineer stand out in the Tech World?

Asma Mohammed
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The rate at which CS engineers are graduating is honestly scary, and something doesn't add up either. The demand is high, and so is the supply. Yet, there are so many engineers who are unemployed. This points at the lack of quality in education. Amidst this huge crowd of engineers, how does one stand out? How to learn better and make some real difference?


DeWayne Johnson
@asma_mohammed I worked on the business side of a popular coding bootcamp. From my learnings, what sets one apart from another comes down to a few things: - Being a sponge (soak up all knowledge about new frameworks, tools, industries, etc.) - Love building things/products (always be coding, contribute to open-source projects on Github, work on personal projects, etc.) - Networking and Distribution (Talk about what you've built and share it with others via Personal Blog, ProductHunt or Twitter. If you see a startup you'd like to work for, build something that could be beneficial to them and reach out to the founder.
Asma Mohammed
@dewayne_johnson Nice! These are some really helpful suggestions. So, it basically means you need to do a lot more than just graduate. 😅 You've got me food for thought. Thanks!
Chris Bourdon
@asma_mohammed @dewayne_johnson Emphasis on the second point. Work on personal projects that solve a problem you have and care about. It's one of the first questions I ask engineering candidates. Tell me about your personal projects. It provides an insight into your propensity for a growth and learning mindset.
Just learning CS things won't make you a CS engineer, But applying them wherever it is applicable, optimizing things, at a faster pace do, which is not available in many of the colleges' curricula but in very few places and one among them is a place located at URL which includes conceptual learning and product building.
Gustavo Silva
I would say that the two most important things would be: 1. Learn how to be a good communicator 2. Learn about other things that are not tech-related (e.g. finance, entertainment, marketing) These points will give you the right tools to put yourself in evidence in everything you build and give you some unique angles when addressing problems that other devs wouldn’t have.
David Barneda
communication & being a good person
Frank David
Which isn't accessible in a large number of the schools' educational programs however in not many spots and one among them is a spot situated at URL which incorporates applied learning and item assembling.
Tatiana Kukova, PhD
The complexity of the projects in which you are involved plays a major part. Furthermore, those who pursue a PhD in Computer Engineering will stand out in the future more and more because of the development of AI, which is science rather than software.