How do your hobbies help you become a better individual?

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Looking at the goal in the long term, I try to work consistently.
Peter agar
Hobbies aren’t a waste of time and often don’t end up being monetized. However, they are integral to our mental health and help us cope with life when we are feeling overwhelmed. This is why it’s important to invest time into your hobbies, as they will surely pay off in the long run.
Sophia Emma
Hobbies help build creativity, flexibility and resilience. They can teach you new things and allow you to achieve things you never thought possible. But hobbies aren’t just fun: they’re also healthy for you.
Olivia Watson
Hobbies are an inexpensive, healthy and effective way of dealing with stress and improving your self-esteem.
Mohmmad Khalaf
Definitely writing in my personal Journey. it helped me to have a different point of view on myself.
Shushanik Shahbazyan
My hobbies (reading, dancing) help me to deal with the stress, nothing more :) What about you?
Michel raugh
Because hobbies does not waste anyhow its help in our work
Rajat Dangi 🛠️
My hobbies take me away from the Internet, laptop, and mobile phone. They give me the much-needed break and relaxation and make me an interesting person. My hobbies are cooking, gardening, playing guitar, and there are many more. I tried 30 different hobbies in 30 months, you can read them all in this blog: https://rajatkumardangi.medium.c...
Hobbies help disconnect, recharge and learn new skills. It personally helps broaden my horizon and perspective in life.
Elena Cirera
Hobbies give opportunities for personality development. Hobbies help in reducing stress and improving mental capabilities. Hobbies improve health and reduce the risk of depression and dementia. Overall, hobbies a good for the development of a personality.
Actually hobbies instigate creativity and sometimes might give you a lot of fresh ideas about life in general. Fun fact, what geeks tend to work on as side projects in the weekend, eventually becomes what mainstream people work in the weekdays. This is because sometimes side projects would represent a lot of underutilized time & effort.
Akriti Vyas
Sometimes financially stable life doesn't help you become a better individual. You should pursue your hobbies consistently. My hobby is reading books, it is helping me in building confidence, making my personality more interesting, and yes of course helping in my writing career.
Jake Gutstein
I view wellness as a construct made up of 5 components (positive achievement, meaning, engagement, positive emotion, and relationships). My hobbies are focused around maximizing these things. In turn, I feel and perform better in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend reading the works of Martin Seligman, former president of the American Psychological Association, for more context. His frameworks are life changing.
Nick Bess
We need to prioritize our hobbies just as much as we prioritize work because hobbies really make us better people. Hobbies allow you to destress yourself while remaining mentally productive. My hobby is reading. When I started working as a writer with the guys from, it helped me a lot as I gained some useful skills when reading. And it was easy for me to look for the necessary information fast. Moreover, I read that one study suggests that people who take part in leisure activities have fewer negative emotions and are less stressed. So, find time for your hobbies and be better individuals.
Riddhi Dagli
Hobbies give you an opportunity to enhance your life. It helps in boosting professional and personal development. They allow you to destress yourself while remaining mentally productive by keeping you engaged with something that you enjoy. Thus it helps an individual to remain calm and be more productive at home or work.
Sofya Narbut
Dealing with stress, keeping me sane, building attention to detail and growing analytical skills. (I draw in my free time)
Alex gleen
Hobbies can provide powerful coping mechanisms for dealing with stressful situations--and potentially lead to other job opportunities.
It is always worth having a break from work. It clears the mind.