How do you stay cost effective while working on new projects?

rinas 🧑‍💻
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I have been using Rails and Laravel for work and when started to work on side projects recently, stumble upon cost issues to host the projects. These days, seems effective compared to Heroku but still costly considering I have multiple side projects now and some are free. My next plan is to get into Vue.js and make use of services like Vercel or Netlify. Curious to know what you guys use and any other handy tricks to stay cost-effective apart from the hosting part.


Bharadwaj Giridhar
Wonderful question, it's really a problem I think we all face. Here are a few things I recommend, 1. A lot of tech companies that are building alternatives to giants like AWS, usually target early stage startups, so sending out an email asking for discounts usually work (at least in my case). 2. is also making some noise when it comes to hosting projects for free like if you're hosting backend services. Heroku and Netlify have been my go-to for front-end services. 3. Meetups, Webinars and Indiehacker groups notify and get you some nice AWS credits in a lot of places. Hope this helped, would love to learn more from this thread.
Try applying to AWS Founder Credits so you can get $2500 for first 2 years, In my case Taskord is completely open source that make me spend only for domain name I got lifetime sponsor to host the product in MacStadium, free emails from Sendinblue etc
rinas 🧑‍💻
@yg Wow, that's really awesome. AWS founder credits would be really useful. Regarding the open source part, I do have one project as open source since I see it as a very long term project ( It's not launched yet. For that, I might have to follow the same what you did for Taskord.
Nikhil Agrawal
If you're looking for cost effective hosting check where you can compare and find cost effective vps.
Victor G. Björklund
Right now I love that gives you a small stateless server for free. I use sqlite with litestream synced to s3 as a db.
rinas 🧑‍💻
@victorbjorklund I did stumbled upon when trying to find a good solution. Didn't find success in deploying my rails app yet. What framework are you using? sqlite with litestream seems interesting.
Victor G. Björklund
@onerinas I use mainly node but also deployed a go-app there. Was really easy. And I like that you can create unlimited amounts of projects and each projects has it's own resources so if you decouple your app a lot you can probably host most things for free.
Md Salehin Khan
I use vps to host my projects built with rails.. on a 5 dollar vps I can host at-least 3 rails projects which is obviously low traffic.
rinas 🧑‍💻
@md_salehin_khan I'm little hesitant to host everything in single server. Especially when I have to do the setup. I use cloud66 sometimes which takes care of setting up the server and deployment. May be I have to spent some time on setting up a nice server which can handle multiple rails apps. Thanks for sharing!
Green Roberts
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