How do you solve design needs for your startup?

Alex Tahanchin
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What is the best way to make a selling landing page, logo, design for social media and blog? Are you working on content marketing? How do you get new designs with consistent quality?


Tony Yan
We are working with a freelancer designer that we found from dribble.
Jan Beisheim
@zhitao_yan we have done this as well. If you want to do something quickly yourself you should check out Kittl. Just launched it:
Launching soon!
If you have a lot of work and a budget, go for an in-house designer. Or You can find any reliable freelance designer who is probably new but has the designing skills to save your cost. Furthermore, you can learn those skills and do it yourself if you can.
Jan Beisheim
@qudsia_ali if you quickly need to do a graphic yourself you might want to check out Kittl:
Fariz Hakim
Really depends on where are you on your startup journey and your needs. If you have already secured some funding, go for a generalist in-house designer that would cover most of your needs. The rest hire a freelancer. If not, there are many free resources on all this. So go for the mainstream tools (go for Figma rather than Sketch or Adobe Xd for example). Hope this helps :)
Jan Beisheim
@fariz_hakim if you quickly want to do something in house you might want to check out Kittl - empowers everyone to design without any graphic design skills. Just launched today:
Nadia Elinbabi
I agree - go in-house if you can afford it, but if you can't I'd recommend (completely selflessly)
Jan Beisheim
@designatscale sounds like we are doing something similar. For reference also check out Kittl - a design tool which empowers everyone to design in minutes - just launched today:
Jan Beisheim
Using our new tool Kittl, we just launched today. Helps you design complex designs within minutes without graphic design experience.
K.J. Royal
Work with a startup specific marketing agency. There are a few out there that focuses solely on the pressing needs of startups as it is a unique experience compared to working with already established companies.