How do you share (movie) recommendations w/ friends & family?

Ghost Kitty
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Hey Would love to how you share recommendations with friends and family. I started thinking about this originally as my cousin and I were discussing films and tv shows and I was giving him some recommendations (face to face). I wondered if there were any apps that people particularly liked to use to recommend things such as films, amongst other products/services, to their friends and family network. Could be apps which were specifically designed for said purpose such as Likewise, Friendspire, or could be something which was not specifically designed for such a purpose, an example of which could be Whatsapp as the UX isn't centred around sharing recommendations but it's easy to quickly message a few suggestions for a film or a restaurant etc to a friend/family member. Or maybe your part of a community, centred around a specific vertical, that acts as a source of information for recommendations? What's your solution for sharing recommendations?


I hardly ever use social networks for this. I just link a channel or movie to my friends to share with them. Since we have iptv reseller we often see each other's recommendations. I like that you can start watching together (it was fun in quarantine). We rarely use foreign resellers as prices are higher, and there are not always interesting movies to watch. But I am the first among everyone who can watch novelties. There is a home theater at home, and the whole family watches movies on weekends.