How do you share (movie) recommendations w/ friends & family?

Ghost Kitty
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Hey Would love to how you share recommendations with friends and family. I started thinking about this originally as my cousin and I were discussing films and tv shows and I was giving him some recommendations (face to face). I wondered if there were any apps that people particularly liked to use to recommend things such as films, amongst other products/services, to their friends and family network. Could be apps which were specifically designed for said purpose such as Likewise, Friendspire, or could be something which was not specifically designed for such a purpose, an example of which could be Whatsapp as the UX isn't centred around sharing recommendations but it's easy to quickly message a few suggestions for a film or a restaurant etc to a friend/family member. Or maybe your part of a community, centred around a specific vertical, that acts as a source of information for recommendations? What's your solution for sharing recommendations?
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