How do you set yourself up for a successful day?

Philipp Brunenberg
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I am curious how you guys plan your days and how you set yourself up for success. What are the tasks to work? How can I break them down? How to set myself into the right mood. When will I work on what? What to start with? These kind of things ... I'm happy to discuss with you.


Jim Morrison
Routine & planning... (including sometimes planning to have no plan)... Mood - personally I've always found the right playlist helps me focus What - planned with the team, what gets us to our weekly goal or unblocks someone else Start - start with the big thing and break it down, take breaks by ticking off small things Doesn't always work though! 🤓
Sergio Mattei
Routine is a big one. 1. I start my day early, or at least attempt to most of the time. 2. I get my cup of coffee early, as the early hours are the best to be high-energy (especially for growth work). 3. I sit down and begin interacting, sending tweets, looking at KPIs. It can be demotivating, but most days it's quite energizing. 4. I meet with my co-founder to kick the day off. 5. I log my tasks on Makerlog. It's all routine-ish, and that's how it should be.
Maddie Lee
@matteing yes! Establishing a productive routine sounds boring but is essential to saving your cognitive resources for when you need them the most. I'm an (attempted) early riser myself because I've found that's when I'm most energetic and productive.