How do you see AI helping recruit talents to companies?

Mohamed Gaber
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Mustafa Lebody
I think one of the main goals should be to remove bias especially in a world of remote work. The second thing is to ensure the quality of the candidates without wasting their time in a time consuming process that takes several weeks.
ahmed hasan
@mustafa_lebody With more people working from home, people will realize it's more productive and companies will need more people to work remotely
Qudsia Ali
AI enables recruiters to use their Application Tracking Systems more effectively, allowing them to recruit efficiently and accurately. It also helps in shortlisting and screening resumes.
Alizée Chasse
@qudsia_ali Completely agree with you! The rising of new AI tools is cutting expenses where they're not necessary and empowering recruiters with new skills. It's a great way to better match companies and candidates. If you're looking to hire developers easily, you should definitely check at It's free, fast and super easy to use!
Mostafa Mahmoud
Recruiting is no different than web ads from an AI perspective. AI could tell which ad is the best match for a user better than any human. I think recruiting is the same. Things like candidate style of coding for instance could tell a lot about a candidate. These things take recruiters days and weeks to review. AI can do it fast and precise.
Guhan Sundar
The opportunities are endless. But the variation in the amount of data available on candidates, involvement of personal information, compliance requirements, and country-specific laws are all slowing down the innovation in this space. Products like Divercity ( are working on addressing the diversity issue in recruitment in the USA. Some big changes I'm looking forward to in the upcoming years would be: 1. Recruitment without resumes 2. More inclusive hiring practices 3. Job and company recommendation based on your work style + skills
Most of the recruitment apps are not using AI models effectively, feeding public data to the model will not give qyuality results and AI will lose its usefulness. At we have been using real world data specific to the customer so it shortlists the CV the way respective company's culture works and then AI further add post interview feedback. This cannot happen if we keep feeding with publically scrapped data. We need to collect the real world data first.