How do you prioritize your work when there are multiple tasks that need to be completed?

Shreyanshi Gupta
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Udit Tehri
Product Engineer
I write and assign them a priority. After that pick in that order only.
Harley coates
Through ABCDE method. A: Tasks that are critical and need to be done immediately. B: Tasks that are important but not urgent. C: Tasks that are neither important nor urgent. D: Tasks that can be delegated to someone else. E: Tasks that can be eliminated or deferred. chill
Lalesultan Güneş
Lalesultan Güneş
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Digital Marketing and UX/UI Specialist
@harley_coates I use the same method, thanks for sharing Harley.
Sebastian Janus - derStartupCFO
Founder & Serial Entrepreneur
It is always a priority to me to check in with my employees to see whether everything is clear, if anyone needs help or just in general how things are going. Other than that, I structure my week by having e.q. dedicated production days and prioritize tasks by urgency, complexity and potential value outcome.
Deep K
Co-Founder of AskMiku
One common method is to use the Eisenhower matrix, which categorizes tasks based on their urgency and importance. Tasks that are both urgent and important should be given the highest priority, followed by tasks that are important but not urgent, tasks that are urgent but not important, and finally tasks that are neither urgent nor important. Another method is to use the ABC analysis, where tasks are assigned a priority level based on their potential impact and likelihood of occurrence. Tasks are classified as A, B, or C, with A tasks being the most important and C tasks being the least important.
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When faced with multiple tasks that need to be completed, I prioritize my work by first assessing the urgency and importance of each task. I look at the deadline for each task and the potential impact on the project or the company. I then create a to-do list and prioritize the tasks based on this assessment. This way, I am able to ensure that the most pressing tasks are completed on time and that the project stays on track.
Kritika Jain
Product Marketer
I prepare the timetable and assemble all the tasks accordingly to manage and untangled the tasks. Then I'll start completing one by one
Pooja Sharma
Time management - Dividing the tasks in different time slots that are available during the day really helps.
Vishal Patel
Co-founder of AskMiku
When prioritizing work, it is important to consider the urgency and importance of each task. Urgent tasks should be completed first, as they typically have a deadline or require immediate attention. Important tasks should also be given priority, as they often have a significant impact on the overall goals of the project or organization. It can also be helpful to break down larger tasks into smaller, manageable chunks and prioritize them accordingly. Additionally, utilizing tools such as a to-do list or calendar can help to stay organized and prioritize tasks effectively. It's also important to consider the dependencies of tasks, if one task need to be completed before another, prioritize the first one.
Tim Asklöf
Working with next-gen low-code.
I breake them down into smaller tasks and assign them a priority.
Nick Mazikov
SMM-manager InnMind
is best to perform the task whose deadline is approaching
Sheiryl Jose
Certified Digital Marketer
Remember to consider the urgency and weigh who will result with the big impact as well :)
Fatimah Zafar
Entrepreneur & Venture Builder
I make a to-do list of all the tasks and then assign them priority numbers according to the rules below: 1. The task that is or can be a blocker for someone else's work 2. The most urgent task whose deadline is approaching 3. The tasks which will take a long research time 4. Any task that has flexible deadline and is not that important
Khyati Rathod
SEO | ASO | SMO | Blogging
Prioritize every task to High to Low and perform every task from High to low on time, and track every task
Ágh Helmut
Web developer | Building
I like to start with the hardest task, but of course, the deadline is more important. It's a good idea to also consider the consequences of completing / not completing the task as well.
Marketing Generalist at
Based on the deadlines and the time needed for the tasks!
I'm working on making a game
I do the most difficult tasks first. It's just that when I do the easy tasks first, then there are excuses not to do the difficult ones. So I decided to do the most urgent and important tasks first.
Anastasia Z
Anastasia Z
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80/20 Rule: Focus on the 20% of tasks that will give you 80% of the results.