How do you prevent users from sharing logins with per-seat pricing?

Arne Wolfewicz
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You probably have done it a few times already – pass on login information for a CRM, Zapier, or similar. Companies like Netflix are putting great effort into preventing that from happening but it's technically challenging. If you think this is something your users are doing, I'd be curious to know how big the problem is and what you are doing to prevent it?


Andy Wingrave
Enforce log-in with Google/facebook/MSFT?
Arne Wolfewicz
@saastronomical Yep that's one option of course but what if that's a high barrier to sign up? There are still people who prefer email login over direct auth methods.
Junior Owolabi
tie the IP address to limited devices, like Github, Binance, and others do.
Arne Wolfewicz
@rilwan_owolabi1 That's good input, thanks! I'll have to look into that more and if we find a plot hole, I'll get back to you on this