How do you organize your tasks?

girish wadhwani
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A typical way to organize tasks is by project. However, I find that tasks can have different behaviors. For example, some are recurring, some are habits, some are personal while others are work, some require large chunks of time while others are quick todos, some are individual while others are team-related, etc. Projects seem like a crude way to handle this diversity. How do you guys manage this? Do you use a single app to handle all this? Which app do you use?


Luka Vasic
I put all of my tasks into Todoist as it is on my phone and easily accessible, and when I get to my PC I organize them in Notion or leave some in todoist. When I put them into notion I break them into smaller subtasks.
girish wadhwani
@luka_vasic Any difference in the types of tasks you put in Notion vs Todoist?
Dow Osage, MBA
Alphabetically. Just kidding. I didn't realize this until right now, but I have three tiers: - email as to-get-to, - a tasks list in Google. accessible in the right panel of Gmail for tasks I cannot forget to do daily or that I do so often I will later not know if I already did that today (vitamins & feed the cat, for instance) , - and a literal physical notepad on my desk for shifting, overarching tasks (coursework, laundry, kids-stuff goes here)
girish wadhwani
@dow_osage Could you expand on how you use email as a task list?
Dow Osage, MBA
@girish_w Yes, for instance I will get an email to renew my car registration or PTA meeting date or a request from a colleague and I will leave it in my inbox knowing I will check my inbox often and will not file it until it's done. I tend to keep 10 to 20 emails in my inbox, filing when something is read and requires no action, or the action is complete.
I tend to put most of mine on different board s on trello
Lucian Tartea
Primitive solutions allowed? I use a text file split on long term objectives and current projects. That's it. For reminders I use Google Calendar
girish wadhwani
@luciantartea Could you expand on what you mean by reminders here? Do you use time blocking?
Lucian Tartea
@girish_w Reminders are notifications scheduled at certain times and dates. Usually I set email notifications
Neri Raanani
I actually manage everything through Google Calendar. My personal and office Gmail accounts are synced (only for me, not for my colleagues). My office Gmail is divided into three calendar colors (by default): one color for meetings; another for to-do's (and tasks); and a third for dedicated time to spend on specific projects. I found it to be a great way to keep track of my tasks in one place. (I use the description of each meeting as the description of each task, with the definition of done, action items, etc.).
girish wadhwani
@neri_raanani It sounds like you are directly time blocking for your tasks in your calendar. Do you use the tasks feature in Google to add tasks without allocated time for them?
Adriel Cruz
I use Trello/Notion to organize my daily tasks for work. It's a big time-saver since I can browse whenever I'm on the go as well.
Wiktoria Jaszcza
In TickTick. According to projects. Also, I use pen and paper when I want to have some stuff in front of my eyes. The third tool is SideNotes, a simple note-taking app. I put simple to-dos for the next few hours and subtasks of larger tasks here. It sticks to the side of the screen and doesn't take up too much space.
Wiktoria Jaszcza
@girish_w Tot and FiveNotes are similar apps, very useful for handy text snippets. The idea behind SideNotes is slightly different.It's much more feature rich, yet easy to use. I got my mac with this app and I can't imagine working without it.
Yesser Falk
Notion is definitely a great app to organize your projects and thoughts. For everyday tasks, I use an App called MinimaList.
Hello Girish 🙂 That's excactly the reason we developed Zenkit ( For projects, there's a dedicated project management app which covers recurring tasks. Personal and work related tasks and projects can be seperated by different collections which can also be crosslinked and reffered to each other. For quick todos there's a to do list app, and a messaging app for team-related tasks and discussions. Our goal was to bring together all the neccessary tools for project -and taskmanagement in one suite, while we focused on creating seperate apps. This enables the user to decide on their own which tools they need to get their job done. 👍🏽
girish wadhwani
@jensibensi1 Nice. Would you consider Clickup to be your primary competitor?
Hina Ashfaq
I organize my tasks with the help of some online to do lists.
Miriam Dorsett
I use Asana! The free plan is fantastic.
I organize my tasks by project - it's the easiest and the most convenient way for me. The app is TMetric, it is a time tracker in the first place but it comes with helpful project and task management features.
Pavel Kukhnavets
Task organization is a serious and responsible process, therefore you ned a powerful software helper to succeed. I'd suggest to apply GanttPRO ( to organize your activities and arrange tasks with ease. It will help to eliminate mess in your project routine and allow for the clear-cut task management. With the task management tool, you can work with personal tasks, subtasks, groups of tasks, milestones, and dependencies.