How do you optimize for Google's Mobile First Indexing?

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Google has already been talking about Mobile First Indexing. We do have the best practices but have you implemented it yet? Tell us about your first hand experience on optimizing for Mobile First Indexing.


Eugene Hauptmann
We usually use LightSpeed for basic metrics Mobile First is an industry standard already.
Chandan Das
From 2019 lots of sites implmented it by making the sites for mobile device.
@chandan_shopify Thanx Chandan! Would be great if you can share some insights on how actually to rank higher on mobile search..
Ilya Losinski
Mobile First Indexing is not about just to get the best performance number at The thing is to make really easy-to-use website on mobiles. How to do it? Well, if you have a new product, I recommend you to build firstly version for mobiles, not computers. It's all because of traffic: people mostly use websites on their smartphones. In 2021 you can't just convert your UI to phone-sizes. It's not optimizing. It sucks. The reason is people use one product on computers and mobile devices differently.
@illos Thanx Ilya...but is it only about building a mobile friendly site? How do we optimize our content to rank higher on mobile search? Is it the same as we do for desktops?