How do you navigate the idea maze?

Arnav Bathla
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One of the most important things I think is finding founder-market fit. Naval talks about how finding founder-market fit is even more important than finding product-market fit, which makes sense since you can iterate faster without burning out on a problem you are close with. I personally tend to do what attracts me while keeping a conscious mindset of identifying problems to navigate this idea maze. What do your preferred methods?


Mayank Mishra
I'm in this idea maze right now :) following this discussion for help
Eugene Hauptmann
At some point, you'll find out that you can make money in many different ways. And if you don't go for the FMF, you'll end up running a business you're not passionate about. So if you run a business, why would you create yourself a full-time job you don't like doing?
Ruben Wolff
Don't know if I'm answering the question by saying this, but if you have too many ideas, write them all down and try to see if you can connect some of them in a bigger project. Analyze them to see which of them are more likely to positively impact your ROI, and engage with your community to see if they'd prefer to see idea A or B being brought to life
Arnav Bathla
@rubenwolff This is actually a great framework. @arvidkahl talked about his notion document of ideas and how he rates his idea from an audience-first mindset. Thanks for sharing:)