How do you motivate yourself to engage with the community when you join a new social network?

Arko Ganguli
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I am new to product hunt, whenever I join a new social community, I feel extremely de-motivated in the initial days to engage as I don't have many connections in that network and limited understanding of the system. Does anyone else feel the same way?


Veronika Vinichenko
Oh, don't worry! I understand you very much, but my worries ended exactly at the moment when my first unsuccessful publication of the product happened here :) It got few upvotes and I was very upset. Few of my friends know about Product hunt, so it was very difficult for them to understand me at that moment, and it was simply impossible to support. But after that I began to spend more time here and I felt calmer - there are many talented and good people, who will willingly chat on various topics and share their experiences. Don't worry, everything will be definitely great!
Rashmi Gupta
Keep participating in discussions, the one which you like or have something to say, keep initiating discussion too, people will like some and ignore some but you will become part of community.
Anusha Suri
It takes time to find your tribe. :) You will, eventually.
I try to find discussions that interests me and where I can add something. It's about finding the right balance between reading posts and comments and contributing. If you want to make connections you need to interact by helping others. Especially at the beginning I try to do more giving (commenting) , than taking (asking). On Producthunt this can be in the discussion forum section, or testing out products that you like and giving feedback to the makers.
Jack Davis
Just find topics and niches that interest you and join in!