How do you manage your working time if you're a Founder/Entrepreneur?

Oswaldo Badillo
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We know burnout is real, but for founders and entrepreneurs sometimes the hours of work go way beyond a 9 to 5 and even a work week. How do you manage your time properly to get results but not get burnout? are you mixing hobbies with work to take effective breaks? I for instance, whenever I have to do long hours of prospecting i'm grabbing the guitar every 45 minutes or so and jam a few songs before going back to work.


Balance is key to be able to fill your cup so you can give from a place of love and serve with significance. I start the day by working out, meditating, then I start working. Mid-day I speak with my parents, continue working and at night I read a book. All these things keep me centered and help me be present in the now. It's different for everybody, but that's what I find works for me :)