How do you manage your life balance?

Alex Goff
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This has been something that has been heavy on my mind since I worked in consulting. People would say "I work 60 hours a week" which I couldn't believe is true, nor did I think showed ability. I came to understand a lot of work places reward sacrifice not achievement. I started to track the hours I worked in a spreadsheet and it really helped me to be tight with my time, and defend it. I had accountability to myself. I then extended this to track everything in my day - sleep, hobbies, admin, work. I now have a balance I am comfortable with because of this accountability and oversight. How do you manage your life balance?


Gleb Braverman
I don't think there's something like work life balance when you are doing what you truly love. It's about passion and dedication - I don't feel tired when I am *in the zone*. Things I am controlling involve what I am eating and sleep time - when your body feels good then you feel much better mentally!
Alex Goff
I agree with this, but you can't be in the zone all the time. If you were you would have no friends, family, fitness etc. You can love work but there is a world of other things you need to balance
I track my time too, but only work hours :) Thanks to TMetric (my time keeping app) I always know how much time I have to work a day and once I reach that number I'm off from the laptop to relax and enjoy my life outside working hours.