How do you manage work and home at the same time?

Mahak from Outgrow
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As most of us are working from home , I am just curious how you all manage work and home like you are working and you instantly start craving for something delicious. Do you order food or cook right away(in my case I cook late in the evening)? Or you are working and you instantly have someone knocking on your door, how do you manage all these incidents?


Amanda Tunner
I believe we all have different ways to manage our time 😄 When I was working from home, I got more time to take care of myself and cooked as well (cuz I could cut down the time spent commuting, which normally takes around 1h30m). I used to cook in the morning for the whole day and ordered food if I was so busy.
Mahak from Outgrow
@amanda_tunner yes, you are right and the management also varies by days like usually days more near to weekend give more free time than the hectic Monday or Tuesday.
I make sure to know in advance what days I'm cooking what. Plus, I plan in advance the evenings I'll be working on my business vs the evenings I won't be.