How do you manage translations of your blog posts?

Arttu Haho
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We are pretty active in creating content for our blog and try to be active in translating it to different languages too. The translation process feels a little too heavy for me currently so I'd be happy to hear how you are doing it currently. Here is our process with some pain points: New post published --> Post copied to google docs --> translation assignment sent to translator --> translation done and delivered in google doc format --> translation created in WordPress (BIG PAIN) And here is the more detailed description of the BIG PAIN. Wordpress forces us through translation editor which means that you need to complete translation 100% before you are able to publish the translated post. So if you only want to translate half of the post, you need to start doing all the different kinds of extra manual hassle. Even worse is that the "advanced translation editor" forces you to translate paragraph to paragraph which in our case means sentence to sentence. Everybody know that if you want to do translation properly, you need to translate text as whole, not technically word to word or sentence to sentence. And naturally you cannot skip this part of the process because you can go forward only when you are 100% completed with translation. OK I try to calm down now and would be very thank full all the experiences and tips on how you guys are managing translations. PS We are using WordPress Gutenberg editor and WPML plugin for translations.


Aino Valtonen
Aspiring marketer, Language specialist
I agree that the translation editor is PAIN. I was wondering, why not just post the translation like the original post? Is that possible? Maybe the linking between language versions is not possible in that case (or maybe some Wordpress wiz knows a trick for that?), but at least it would ease the process a little bit.
Johannes Karjula
Multipreneur from Finland
Couple of years ago we used Transfluent, but I don't know how well they can serve customers with this kind of need. They have a lot of gaming companies as their customers and translations are done automatically via API.
Sini Katariina
SaaS BDR and student
Difficult question...If someone in ProductHunt has an app for translating longer texts, it would help! I have not written website texts, but in schoolwork, just use Google or MOT translator or vocabulary, they are slow and they have the same problem with word limits. I also use Grammarly when writing directly in English: it checks that most words and grammar are correct.
Valeria Migova
Highly recommend to try online whiteboard Weje. It helps to collect, organise, plan, and share the most valuable data. Really convenient and helpful tool for such purposes as managing translations.
Arttu Haho
Dad, entrepreneur, marketer, engineer.
@vmigova Thanks for sharing this tip!
Kirman Smith
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