How do you manage time between your job and your projects?

Bharadwaj Giridhar
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Are you currently pursuing your idea full-time? If not, how do you manage your time?


Johannes Grenzemann
Hi Bharadwaj, for almost 10 years i've worked only 4 days a week, and on that 1 day worked on my side projects. Till last year, where we got accepted at an accelerator, could secure a first funding - and have launched a very stable 1.0 on PH! That said: 1day+lots of my free time went into my startups. So you to find the time. As much as you can finance, if you believe that what you do can work...
Gleb Braverman
I try to set some time aside for creative work - it usually helps to clear the mind!
Bharadwaj Giridhar
@gleb_braverman How many hours do you put in on an average day? By the way just checked out, looks cool but I can't really try it out because I'm on Android 🤠
I'm not a developer, but I can recommend taking a look at TMetric - a time management app. It's simple and allows you to manage a few projects simultaneously.
Bharadwaj Giridhar
@soylakate That's nice I use waka time. But I meant how do you approach building projects when a lot of your time is taken by work.
Richard Stewart
I've been working for 6~8 years in development of software. Every week I work for 5 days except Sunday.
I don't -- my kids do ;) But in all seriousness, I do try to follow a strict calendar and timetable so that I don't over invest time on either end. I have scheduled time for family, for day job, and for side jobs. Some weeks I manage better than others but generally self-discipline is the only way I know to do this. How do you manage your time efficiently?
Paul-Simon Emechebe
This is a very great question. Especially for those of us that just entered the startup world. I've had this problem in the past but could solve it by micromanaging my side projects. 1. Use mind maps to help you better structure your side projects. A great tool to use is 2. Set tasks not goals. Instead of listing "finish styling" list "design contact section" 3. Dedicate one or two days a week to side projects, depending on your work schedule by the way
Woods Shop
Summarizing things in a pipeline.
Adams Parker
Focus on one task at a time.
Gaurav Singh Bisen
Hi Bharadwaj, I firmly believe the following course will help you in setting the right time-management framework. Trust me it has worked for me:
Murali Gottumukkala
Yes, I left my well-paying job in the USA to pursue a dream of building a startup along with my founder.
Akash Nidhi
I use Clickup and Calender to block dedicated time for a week, that helps me to keep track of my time and schedule my tasks.
Brad Cooper
Managing time between work and personal projects can be challenging, but here are a few strategies that may be helpful: Prioritize tasks: Make a list of tasks that need to be done for both work and personal projects, then prioritize them based on their urgency and importance. This can help you focus on the most important tasks and manage your time more effectively. Schedule your time: Set aside specific blocks of time for both work and personal projects. This can help you ensure that you have enough time for each and can prevent one from taking over the other. Minimize distractions: Try to minimize distractions as much as possible during work and personal project time. This may mean turning off notifications, finding a quiet workspace, or using tools to help you stay focused, such as noise-cancelling headphones or time-tracking apps. Take breaks: It's important to take breaks throughout the day to rest and recharge. This can help you maintain your energy and focus for both work and personal projects. Be flexible: Remember that unexpected events and tasks may come up that require you to adjust your schedule. Try to remain flexible and adapt to changes as they arise.
Ione Johansen
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Kathan Desai
it is difficult to work on multiple things especially in india. But I feel two things are needed: 1. Your day job should also be something that you like because after working on your projects in the night you need some motivation to getup and go to work :) 2. Your projects are your dream. You need to work extra hours, cut on parties and do sprints over the weekend. Tough job, but journey is full of experince.
Nitin Jha
Schedule and time block with one thing at a time.
I write to-do lists every day for all projects. And I try to complete this list every day.