How do you manage relationships and stay connected with family, friends and business contacts?

Dawood Naveed
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Andrew Glenn
Great question. Not easy. Harder yet to make it seem organic. I've tried CRM software, Excel spreadsheets, Outlook tasks, Boomerang for Gmail, and a slew of different things. Currently, I'm using LeadDelta for business contacts on LinkedIn and an Google Sheet for other business contacts. For family and friends, I just try to contact them on a repeating cycle (family twice a week, closest friends weekly, others monthly). One thing that I think is critical though, is protecting time on your calendar to do it! Block off 90minutes once a week for networking and contacting people.
Katie Chen
Friends and family: when you think of them text them immediately. Business contacts: create a list of people and make it into a monthly reminder to reach out. However, don't just say hi, have something to offer or check out what they've been doing and see if there's a connection. I like congratulating people on their achievements.
Marilyn Plummer
Often people do not notice that they are letting their relationship take its course. Lack of work on relationships in the family leads to disagreement, loss of trusting relationships, discord in family life. I think the most important thing is to talk to each other. In order not to read other books as it is a long time, I often look at life hacks and tips on the site .
Denis Klimin
Hi everyone. It's interesting problem. Therefore we with the team create a new personal CRM now. I am so tired of manual data entry and out-of-date details. And we create CRM lets seamlessly gather and add new contacts in seconds, wherever they come from. Else problem that I have - after time I forget to wish with birthday my friends, my partners. Therefore I need a solution for managing my relationships. I have 1000 contacts on Facebook, Contacts list, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc. Many channels. And I have a problem with search need contact. If I want to find CTO on Facebook, I can't because there is no search by positions. If you are interested, you can visit our website. We are finding early adopters and you will become one.